At GRANOLA AND GASOLINE, we’re a values-driven brand. 

Which means, “Message first, products second."

We want people to live the message, not just buy the stuff. 

The way we see it, our leading offering is culture change: the dismantling of fear, imaginary obstacles, and false assumptions, through the messages we share and stand for. This is primary for us.

Our products come second. Our gear and apparel are an open invitation for everyone to participate and join in spreading the word — a fun (and comfortable!) way to rep our values. It’s not the thing that gets us going. 

So, buy our products, or don’t. Though we’d never say no to a prime spot on your bumper or the real estate on your torso, our success at Granola & Gasoline is defined not by product sales, but by good times, changed lives, and opened doors.

- Brian and Mandy

PS. Check out our wedding adventure video!