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Snowmobiling is the Worst:Snowmobiling is actually the Best- As told by a total Hippy

I am a 110-pound girl. I like mountain bikes and rock climbing and I recycle my plastic kale* containers. I am by no means your average snowmobiler. This past winter I jumped into snowmobiling with both feet. Or perhaps I should say, I jumped into a bunch of tree wells with my whole body. And occasionally with my sled. His name is Fabio. Day 0: I purchased a sled from Driven Powersports in Casper, WY, while wearing a Patagonia vest and sounding like an idiot. They were awesome and have continued to be awesome every step of the way. (There is no way I am good enough to get paid to say that, so you can trust the sincerity.) Day...

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